Colloque FSE

Masters of our profession

In the fall of 2022 and early winter 2023, the FSE-CSQ carried out a two-phase consultation to look to the future of our profession with the teachers it represents.

The consultation’s initial phase focused on two cross-cutting issues impacting all teaching sectors:

  1. Digital technology and distance teaching
  2. The teaching profession: appreciation, attraction and retention

The second consultation phase focused on sector-specific issues:

Preschool education Primary education
Activity program coherence with evaluations and report cards

Importance of preschool education

Review of study programs, evaluations and report cards

Educational expertise and professional autonomy

Specialists in primary education Special education
Evaluation of learning

At-risk students, students with handicaps, social maladjustments or learning difficulties


Shift in expectations

Secondary education General adult education
Initial training 


Study programs and evaluation

Students with special needs

Vocational training  
Initial training

Role and objectives of VT



To learn more about the consultation process: link to the presentation.

Join us at the FSE-CSQ Masters of our profession! conference and help forge a vision of our profession that reflects who we truly are.

Come shape the guidelines the FSE-CSQ will put forward and advocate for in the years ahead so we can become, one and all, Masters of our profession!

Local FSE-CSQ affiliated unions are in charge of their members’ registration. To attend, please contact your union.